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ADDAC система ADDAC712 Addac712 Vintage Предварителноamp

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ADDAC712 is a dual channel discrete gain stagING amplifier,based on a famous discrete preamp board from the 70’s used in some legendary equipment.
What caught our attention was the character of it’s clipping and resulting saturation/distortion.
The module can be used with modular signals to add a distortion/fuzz character or as a preamp for an external source such as a line source, keyboard, guitar…
It’s also a great side companion for our ADDAC711 Balanced Inputs.

  • At the top an On/Off [BYPASS] switch routes the signal into the Effect (Up: Active) or to the bottom output gain stage (Down: Bypassed).
  • The ammount of amplification is set by the [GAIN] control, the maximum ammount of amplification can be set by the user using the [MAX GAIN] trimmer. Up to ±5.5v the incoming signal will keep it’s integrity, beyond this point saturation will start to increase.
  • At aprox. ±6v a hard clipping will start to occur, this clipping also has a particular quality that at extreme levels it drifts the audio 0v bias reference, moving it upwards which results are similar to a Gate effect.
  • In the middle, an x2 opamp based output gain stage with a clipping led, which monitors the clipping at the output, and an [OUTPUT] control to set the output volume.
  • Having the top and middle gain stages provides flexibility allowing the user to completelly distort the signal on the top stage and tame it’s output level with the second stage.
  • At the bottom, Input and Output for both channels (Left input is normalled into Right input).

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Технически Характеристики:

  • 6HP
  • 4см дълбочина
  • 40mA +12V
  • 40mA -12V

Този модул ще се предлага и като пълен комплект „Направи си сам“.


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ADDAC система ADDAC712 Addac712 Vintage Предварителноamp [pdf] Ръководство за потребителя
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