ALPHA ANTENNA J-POLE JR 6-160M ​​34ft Ръководство за потребителя на антена
ALPHA ANTENNA J-POLE JR 6-160M 34ft Antenna


Thank you for your support of the Alpha Antenna line. We hope that you will enjoy using this product, as we continue to receive written testimonials from Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) on how easy the Alpha Antenna systems are to deploy, how well they work, and how each antenna system that is deployed has made each person’s operating experiences positive and enduring.
The Alpha Antenna is a Civilian Military system that is easy to deploy, has acceptable SWRs, and is extremely durable. The antenna system is composed of building blocks that used to construct a large variety of deployable solutions. No supports are necessary to deploy the systems, however, several varieties of deployment options exists if natural supports are available. If space or privacy is a premium, the Alpha Antenna is deployable for covert operations. This antenna is so efficient that it is also deployable indoors, from a porch or balcony.

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With proper deployment, the Alpha Antenna system is designed to operate continuously from 6 through 80 meters, with only the use of your wide-band (external) antenna tuner.

Additional Product Details

  • Antenna Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Antenna Configuration: Horizontal, or Sloper
  • Maximum Frequency Coverage: 3.5 MHz to 54 MHz
  • Maximum Power Rating: 250 PEP SSB, 125 CW, or 25 watts for digital modes.

Съвети за безопасност

When installing or operating this antenna, please observe the following safety tips.
ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА - Високо обемtages присъстват при предаване, без значение колко много или малко мощност се прилага. Не докосвайте никоя част от антената, докато предавате.


Each year, hundreds of people are killed, mutilated, or receive severe and permanent injuries when attempting to install an antenna. In many of these cases, the victim was aware of the danger of electrocution, but did not take adequate steps to avoid the hazard. For your safety, and to help you achieve a good installation, please READ and FOLLOW the safety precautions.

  1. Ако монтирате антена за първи път, моля, за ваша собствена безопасност и безопасност, потърсете ПРОФЕСИОНАЛНА ПОМОЩ.
  2. Изберете вашето място за инсталиране, като имате предвид безопасността, както и ефективността. ЗАПОМНЕТЕ: ЕЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИ И ТЕЛЕФОННИ ЛИНИИ СИ ПРИЛИЧАТ. ЗА ВАШАТА БЕЗОПАСНОСТ ПРИЕМЕТЕ, ЧЕ ВСЯКАКВИ ВЪЗДУШНИ ЛИНИИ МОГАТ ДА ВИ УБИЯТ.
  3. Обадете се на вашата електрическа компания. Кажете им вашите планове и ги помолете да дойдат да разгледат предложената от вас инсталация. Това е малко неудобство, като се има предвид, че ЖИВОТЪТ ВИ Е ЗАЛОЖЕН НА ЗАЛОГ.
  4. Планирайте инсталационната си процедура внимателно и напълно, преди да започнете. Успешното издигане на мачта или кула до голяма степен е въпрос на координация. Всеки човек трябва да получи конкретна задача и трябва да знае какво да прави и кога да го прави. Един човек трябва да бъде определен като ръководител/координатор на операцията, който да извиква инструкции и да следи за признаци на проблеми.
  5. Когато инсталирате вашата антена, ЗАПОМНЕТЕ: НЕ ИЗПОЛЗВАЙТЕ МЕТАЛНА СТЪЛБА. НЕ РАБОТЕТЕ В МОКЪР ИЛИ ВЕТРОВИТ ДЕН. ОБЛИЧАЙТЕ СЕ ПРАВИЛНО: обувки с гумени подметки и токчета, гумени ръкавици, риза или яке с дълги ръкави.
  6. If the assembly starts to drop, get away from it and let it fall. Remember, the antenna, mast, cable are all excellent conductors of electrical current. Even the slightest touch of any of these parts to a power line completes an electrical path through the antenna and the installer.
  7. If ANY PART of the antenna system should come in contact with a power line, DON’T TOUCH IT OR TRY TO REMOVE IT YOURSELF. CALL YOUR LOCAL POWER COMPANY. They will remove it safely. If an accident should occur with the power lines, call for qualified emergency help.

Antenna Parts List

Точка Описание Количество Представителство
1 Alpha Antenna JPole Jr 1 Изображение 1

Deployment Recommendations

For maximum effectiveness, keep your feed point as high as possible and run the antenna as a sloper for good NVIS and DX results, or a flat top for good NVIS results. An optimum installation would be where the antenna is deployed as a sloper with the high (feed point) end at 30 feet or higher and  the low end at 10 feet or higher.
We do not recommend installing this antenna as a Vertical due to verticals being inherently prone to high noise (RFI) and unpredictable radiation patterns due to proximity of coax, which also allows for common mode feedback to increase.
For the initial installation, we do not recommend a Balun or air choke coil be used at the antenna. We recommend that you ground your tuner and rig. Your equipment has a ground bolt on the back of it, and manufacturers (and we at Alpha) do recommend a RF ground be connected on it to balance the circuit. We only recommend that a RF Choke be used if you find one is needed, as would be the case if you hear feedback through speakers, etc. when you transmit. However, a Grounded Counterpoise would be the first option for any common mode current that might exist. If you find that common mode exists after you install the antenna, a Grounded Counterpoise wire can then be attached to the barrel connector at the antenna‘s feed point, which can be secured with a stainless steel hose clamp.

Контакти за поддръжка

Ако имате въпроси относно вашата антена, моля не се колебайте да ни изпратите имейл на

Монтаж на антена

Монтаж на антена
Монтаж на антена


There are 2 basic methods to installing the antenna. One enhances NVIS (Near Vertical Incident Sky wave) and the other DX (Long Distance) communications. For NVIS deployments, install the antenna closer to the ground, at a minimum height of 6+ Feet on either end. For DX (Long Distance) deployments, install the antenna higher, sloped at a height of 1/2 wavelength or higher for maximum results. The most effective method for deployment is to position the antenna so that it is horizontally and sloped, where the Antenna Element is placed at a height of 6+ Feet and is deployed free from other obstructions per Image B. Please refer to Image B when installing the antenna, where the Balun should be supported with a Rope, which can be run through both the Balun’s eye-bolt and Insulator 1 as represented in Image C. The other end of the Antenna Element should be supported at a height of 6+ Feet using a Rope run through Insulator 2. Next, the Red terminal on the wire element attaches to the shorter Lug marked with Red on the Balun, and the Black to the Black. Then attach your Coax to the Balun and note that the weight of the Coax can be supported (tied off and up) with the loose end of the Rope to your mast as is depicted in Image C. We suggest using a ‘halyard bend’ type knot (Ref. Image A) to tie the coax off to your mast. Once the antenna is deployed, connect your equipment between the Coax and the Ground Stake.


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ALPHA ANTENNA J-POLE JR 6-160M 34ft Antenna [pdf] Ръководство за потребителя
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