anko AD-HJ33 Електрически уок
anko AD-HJ33 Електрически уок


Your safety is of the utmost importance. Please make sure that you read and understand this instruction booklet before attempting to use the appliance.

  1. Този уред е предназначен само за битова употреба, а не за търговска или промишлена употреба.
  2. Only use the appliance on clean, dry and flat surface.
  3. Do Not operate this appliance underneath or near flammable or combustible materials such as curtains.
  4. Lift the unit with handle only.
  5. Caution should be taken when handling a hot appliance, as it can cause serious burns. Also be careful when removing the lid while cooking as steam can escape and cause burns.
  6. Уредът е предназначен да се използва в домакинството и подобни приложения като:
    • персонал кухненски площи в магазини, офиси и други работни среди
    • селски къщи
    • от клиенти в хотели, мотели и други жилищни среди.
    • среди със тип закуска и закуска.
  7. Use only accessories recommended or supplied by dealer. The use of accessories not intended for use with this appliance may cause injuries to the user or damage the appliance.
  8. Keep this appliance out of reach of children, particularly during use and cool down.
  9. Ensure the appliance is connected to a power point with an earth contact. If you are unsure, check with a qualified electrician.
  10. Do Not operate the appliance with a damaged cord plug.
  11. If the appliance is out of order, damaged or has been dropped, seek for qualified electrical person for repair.
  12. Поставете захранващия кабел така, че да е безопасно отдалечен и да не може да се спъне.
  13. To protect against the risk of electric shock, do not immerse the temperature control probe, cord or plug in water or other liquids.
  14. Never reach for an appliance that has fallen into water switch off the circuit breaker of your house immediately and then unplug the unit.
  15. Do not move the appliance while in use or while it is hot
  16. This appliance should always be switched off before connecting or disconnecting from the power outlet.
  17. Never remove plug from power outlet by pulling the flexible part of the cable-always grip the plug.
  18. Always disconnect the plug from power outlet before moving, cleaning or emptying of food. The connector must be removed before the appliance is cleaned and that the appliance inlet must be dried before the appliance is used again.
  19. Do Not allow the cord to hang over the edge of the work surface or come into contact with heated surfaces during operation.
  20. Never twist, kink or wrap the cord around the appliance, as this may cause the insulation to weaken and split.
  21. Keep this appliance out of reach of children and make sure they cannot pull the power cord.
  22. Този уред не е предназначен за употреба от лица (включително деца) с намалени физически, сензорни или умствени способности или липса на опит и знания, освен ако не са получили надзор или инструкции относно използването на уреда от лице, отговорно за тяхната безопасност.
  23. Децата трябва да бъдат под наблюдение, за да се гарантира, че не си играят с уреда.
  24. Ако захранващият кабел е повреден, той трябва да бъде сменен от квалифициран електротехник, за да се избегне опасност.
  25. Any type of servicing, apart from standard cleaning, must be carried out by qualified electrical person only. There are no user serviceable parts in this appliance.
  26. This appliance should not be used outdoors, placed near a hot gas or electrical burner or placed in an electric oven.
  27. Не работете с този уред в същата верига като всеки друг с висока мощностtage appliance as this may cause an overload on the household electrical system.
  28. Use only suitable utensils for non-stick surfaces to avoid scratching the surface.
  29. WARRING: Charcoal or similar combustible fuels must not be used with this appliance.
  30. Не оставяйте уреда без надзор, докато се използва.
  31. Внимавайте, когато премахвате модула за контрол на температурата, тъй като сондата може да е гореща.
  32. The temperature control probe must be removed before the appliance is cleaned and the appliance power inlet must be dried before the appliance is used again.
  33. Use only the temperature control probe supplied with this appliance.
  34. Attach the temperature control probe to the appliance before connecting to the power outlet
  35. Disconnect the appliance from the wall socket when not in use.
  36. Не се препоръчва използването на този уред с удължителен кабел.
  37. Only the appropriate the temperature control probe CTW-300 supplied with the appliance can be used.
  38. Уредът не е предназначен за работа с външен таймер или отделна система за дистанционно управление.
  39. For cleaning, please refer to section “Clean your wok”.
  • Household use and dry location use only
  • Keep the unit away from children
  • Do not touch the appliance with wet hand
  • Do not use the unit near curtains or blinds.
  • Place the product on a flat and heat resistive surface during use.
  • Never connect it to timer control system
  • Unplug from outlet when not in use and before cleaning
  • Do not use the unit under cupboards, overhead cabinets or other items that can be damaged due to heat.


  1. Дръжка на капака
  2. Стъклен капак
  3. Wok handle
  4. Temperature controller socket

ВАЖНО! when assembling the handle on the glass lid, do not over tighten the screw as this may crack the glass.

Temperature control probe with power cord
Model number: CTW-300


  1. Dispose the packaging in a proper manner and keep all packaging materials away from children.
  2. Check accessories are in good condition.
  3. Make sure the temperature control probe is not connected to the wok.
  4. Clean the outside and bottom of the wok with a soft damp кърпа.
  5. Wash the lid in warm soapy water, rinse with clean water and dry.
  6. You will need to “condition” the wok before using for the first time. Refer to the second point in “CARE INSTRUCTIONS” below.
  7. After conditioning, your new wok is ready for use.


  1. Connect the appliance to the controller. Adjust the temperature according to your requirement, the power indicator turns on in red and the appliance starts to preheat. When the preset temperature has been reached the red indicator will turn off.
    Забележка: Only use temperature control probe supplied with the product.
  2. Usually, it will take for approximately 10 minutes to reach the preset temperature. Now you can put the food and fillings into the wok.
  3. Once the cooking process has finished, remove the grilled food with a plastic or wooden spatula.
    Never use metal utensils as this would do damage to the non-stick coating.
  4. Turn the controller to “0”. Remove the plug after the food being cooked (Забележка: if the power socket has a switch, turn it off first)
    Регулируема настройка на температурата температура ИНСТРУКЦИИ ЗА РАБОТА
    0 0
    1 180 ° C
    2 200 ° C
    3 210 ° C
    4 220 ° C
    5 240 ° C


  • This electric wok is suitable for cooking. It is NOT suitable for baking.
  • The controller marking “0” does not indicate “OFF”, this only indicates the lowest setting of the controller.
  • The indicator light on the controller will turn on while the wok is heating and will turn off when the wok reached the set temperature.
  • You will notice during cooking that the indicator light will turn on and off at different intervals which indicates the temperature setting is being maintained. This is normal.
  • Do not use metal utensils, sharp objects or cut food inside the wok.


  • It is important to look after the non-stick coating on your wok to ensure trouble free operation. Using a non-stick surface allows you to cook without fats or oils.
  • Wash rinse and dry both the wok and lid and “condition” the cooking surface by applying a thin coat of oil to the base and sides and gently rubbing it in with a paper towel. Turn the control on full and allow to run for 2-3 minutes if you are not planning on cooking anything. Turn off the control and unplug the unit.
  • If high temperatures are required for your cooking needs it is best to introduce the heat slowly by preheating the wok on a medium setting for a few minutes before turning the heat up further.
  • The use of the plastic or wooden utensils will prolong the life of the non-stick coating metal utensils will damage the surface.
  • Only lift up the unit with the handle.

Clean your wok

  • Remove plug and controller from the power outlet before cleaning.
  • To clean the non-stick surface, turn the temperature control to the “0” setting, switch the power off at the power outlet, unplug the cord and remove the temperature controller from the wok.
    ВНИМАНИЕ: the controller may be hot after use, in particular the metal probe, take care when removing it.
  • Allow the appliance to cool down completely before cleaning or storing.
  • NEVER PUT COLD WATER INTO A HOT WOK as this may cause the body to buckle due to sudden change in temperature.
  • Cleaning should be performed after every cooking.
  • Wash the non-stick surface with clean warm water and mild detergent after each use.
  • If you do not clean the wok after use, it will result in a build-up of food residue, making it difficult to clean later. The build -up will also cause damage to the non-stick surface.
  • Не използвайте продукти от стоманена вата или подложки за почистване върху незалепващата повърхност.
  • To remove stubborn food residue, use a plastic mesh pad, or other available products that state they are safe to use on non-stick surfaces.
  • To clean the glass lid, wash it in warm soapy water, rinse with clean water and dry. Do not use metal (or other abrasive) cleansers.
  • Do Not leave plastic or wooden utensils in the wok while it is hot.
  • Do Not place the appliance, controller or lid in the dishwasher.

Store the unit

  • Store the Temperature Control Probe carefully. Do not knock or drop it because the probe may be damaged.
  • For convenient storage, line the Wok Bowl with two sheets of dry towel and place the probe on the towels. This will ensure the probe and plug don’t scratch the non-stick coating.


Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50-60Hz
Мощност: 1500W

Месечна гаранция 12

Благодарим ви за покупката от Kmart.
Kmart Australia Ltd гарантира, че вашият нов продукт няма дефекти в материалите и изработката за периода, посочен по-горе, от датата на покупката, при условие че продуктът се използва в съответствие с придружаващите препоръки или инструкции, когато е предвидено. Тази гаранция допълва вашите права съгласно австралийския закон за потребителите.

Kmart ще ви предостави избор на възстановяване, ремонт или замяна (където е възможно) за този продукт, ако стане дефектен в рамките на гаранционния период. Kmart ще поеме разумните разходи за заявяване на гаранцията. Тази гаранция вече няма да се прилага, когато дефектът е резултат от изменение, злополука, злоупотреба, злоупотреба или пренебрегване.

Моля, запазете касовата си бележка като доказателство за покупка и се свържете с нашия Център за обслужване на клиенти на 1800 124 125 (Австралия) или 0800 945 995 (Нова Зеландия) или, чрез Помощ за клиенти на, за всякакви трудности с вашия продукт. Гаранционни претенции и претенции за разходи, направени при връщане на този продукт, могат да бъдат адресирани до нашия Център за обслужване на клиенти на адрес 690 Springvale Rd, Mulgrave Vic 3170.

Нашите стоки идват с гаранции, които не могат да бъдат изключени съгласно австралийския закон за потребителите. Имате право на замяна или възстановяване на сума за голяма неизправност и обезщетение за всяка друга разумно предвидима загуба или повреда. Също така имате право да ремонтирате или подмените стоките, ако стоките не са с приемливо качество и повредата не означава голяма повреда.

За клиенти от Нова Зеландия тази гаранция е в допълнение към законовите права, спазени съгласно законодателството на Нова Зеландия.


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