anko SAT15003 Фритюрник с въздух във фурна 

anko SAT15003 Фритюрник с въздух във фурна

Важни предпазни мерки

Когато използвате електрически уреди, винаги трябва да се спазват основните предпазни мерки, включително следните:

  1. This product is intended for household use only. Do not use outdoors or for commercial purposes other than those recommended in the instructions.
  2. За да се предпазите от токов удар, не потапяйте уреда, захранващия кабел, щепселите във вода или други течности.
  3. Необходим е внимателен надзор, когато уредът се използва от деца или в близост до деца.
  4. Уредът не е предназначен за употреба от лица (включително деца) с намалени физически, сензорни или умствени способности или липса на опит и знания, освен ако не са получили надзор или инструкции относно използването на уреда от лице, отговорно за тяхната безопасност.
  5. Децата трябва да бъдат под наблюдение, за да се гарантира, че не си играят с продукта.
  6. Уредите не са предназначени за работа с външен таймер или отделна система за дистанционно управление
  7. Не използвайте удължителен кабел с този уред.
  8. Always operate the appliance on an even flat surface. Make sure that there is enough ventilation, so that the hot steam can evaporate
  9. Изключете щепсела от контакта, когато не се използва и преди почистване. Оставете да се охлади преди да сложите или свалите части и преди да почистите уреда.
  10. Използването на аксесоари за аксесоари, които не се препоръчват от производителя на уреда, може да причини наранявания.
  11. Do not let cord hang over edge of table or counter-top, or touch hot surfaces.
  12. Не поставяйте върху или близо до гореща газова или електрическа горелка или в загрята фурна.
  13. Не използвайте този уред в близост до вана или мивка или съд, съдържащ вода или течности.
  14. Не използвайте уреда за различна от предвидената употреба.
  15. Do not disconnect from the mains by pulling on the mains cord, grasp the plug itself when removing from mains power outlet socket.
    ВНИМАНИЕ: For electrical safety, never use the appliance if the supply cord is damaged. It must be replaced by a qualified electrical person only or the appliance must be disposed to avoid a hazard.
  16. Do not store any items inside the oven.
  17. Keep the oven door closed all the time.
  18. Do not knock on or hang heavy objects on the oven door.
  19. The weight of the food which is put on the Food tray/Grill rack should not exceed 3.5kg. (The food shall not concentrate on one side, better spread out the food evenly on the Food Tray/Grill Rack.
  20. За да избегнете опасността от пожар, никога не оставяйте уреда без надзор. И никога не използвайте уреда в близост до запалими вещества, като завеси, стенни шкафове ... и т.н., поради риск от изгаряне и / или пожар.
  21. Remove hot food carefully to avoid scalding. Always remove food with oven mitts. 22. After cooking, the heating component of the steam oven and its touchable surfaces will be hot. To avoid scalding do not touch.
  22. After each use, the water tank must be emptied and dried to ensure hygiene.
  23. Do not open, inspect, modify, repair the steam oven or replace any parts that do not comply with the safety regulations.
  24. Cleaning instructions for the cooking surface, please refer to section “Cleaning and Maintenance”.
  25. If the water tank, oven door or the door seal is broken, damaged or distorted, DO NOT USE!
  26. Този уред е предназначен да се използва на закрито в домакинството и подобни приложения като:
    -кухненски помещения за персонала в магазини, офиси и други работни среди,
    -by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type environments,
    - легла и тип закуска.
  27. Неправилната употреба може да причини нараняване

Внимание! Heating element surface is subject to residual heat after use. Do not touch it!

Caution: Hot surface!
Care must be taken as the temperature of accessible surfaces may be high when the appliance is operating and immediately after use

Precautions before installation and use

  1. The Steam Oven is for domestic household use only and not designed for commercial use.
  2. IMPORTANT! Risk of fire exist. The oven is intended for Counter-top use only. It is not intended for built-in use or placed inside the kitchen cabinet or other enclosed space.
  3. The Steam Oven must be placed at a position more than 85cm above the ground, to keep good ventilation. Allow at least 20cm space on the top of the oven, reserve at least 5cm at both sides of the wall, and the back of oven should be kept at least 10cm away from the wall.
  4. Do not block the air vent at the back of the oven, or the oven may overheat or even catch fire. Maintain the oven regularly, prevent foreign object and dust from blocking the air vent.
  5. The oven must be placed on a flat, stable, heat resistant surface.
    ВАЖНО! The oven should not be placed on untreated wooden surface or surfaces that can get damaged from heat, i.e. vinyl, stone bench tops etc. Place the oven on a heat resistant surface or use a heat resistant mat under the oven.
  6. When the door is open, do not drag the food tray along the oven door or place heavy load on it.
  7. Do not operate the oven on the same power outlet with another appliance.
  8. Please check whether the product is damaged before use. Ensure the oven door and cavity are not damaged or cracked. If they are damaged, do not use.
  9. Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door, since they can scratch the surface and may result in shattering of glass.
  10. The products have tested before leaving the factor. This is normal to find moistures and water droplets inside the water tank.
  11. When using for the first time, select CAKE function, set the temperature to 200ºC and the timer to 15 minutes. This will burn off any residue from the manufacturing process.
    ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: White smoke may appear or emit an odour during this process. This is normal for a new oven and should disappear after few minutes of use.
  12. Warning! Risk of scalding! When opening the door, hot steam can escape. Do not stand too close to the appliance. Open the appliance door carefully. Keep children away from the appliance.
  13. Измийте всички аксесоари в топла сапунена вода. Избършете вътрешността на фурната с рекламаamp cloth or sponge. Dry with paper towels to be sure the unit is dry before using.
  14. Remove all accessories and shipping materials packed inside the oven before use.

The oven surface may become very hot during and after use. The temperature on the housing surface, air vent oven door and cavity can become high. Do not touch these parts to avoid scalding

Продуктът свършиview

Части употреба
1 Door safety interlock To ensure the door is closed before the starts cooking
2 Интериор Осветление Illuminate inner cavity.
3 Пица Пан For pizza or large round cakes.
4 Винтове Used to fix the detachable rail to cavity.
5 Монтаж на шини Detachable from cavity wall. Use to hold the wire rack and food tray.
6 Тава за храна Food container or can be used to catch dripping oil when grill and air fry.
7 Решетка For roast, grilled and air fry items or used for placing pizza

pan and food tray.

8 Парна дюза Steam generated is ejected to cavity through these nozzles.
9 Integrated water tank Integrated drip tray and water tank in one unit:

(9a) – Drip tray to collect excess water during cooking

(9b) – 500ml water tank for steam cooking

10 Отдушник Water vapors released through the vent

Контролния панел

Контролния панел

символ Значение символ Значение
Настройка на температурата пържени картофи
Cooking time setting Пилешко крило
Increase/ reduce setting values Барбекю
Вътрешно осветление Пица
Заредете отново вода торта
Самопочистване Въздушно пържене
Start/Pause; and Power ON/OFF Steam convection
Готвене на пара

Меню за автоматично готвене

Режим на готвене Default temp. Готвене по подразбиране


Темп. регулирайте Cooking time adjust
Steam cook 100 ℃ 30 минути Не се регулира 1 до 35 минути
Steam Convec. 150 ℃ 30 минути 100-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути
Въздушен Фрай 200 ℃ 30 минути 40-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути
Пържени картофки 200 ℃ 18 минути 100-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути
Пилешко крило 200 ℃ 20 минути 100-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути
Барбекю 200 ℃ 20minutes 100-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути
Пица 180 ℃ 8 минути 100-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути
торта 180 ℃ 12 минути 100-200 ℃ 1 до 60 минути


Преди да използвате за първи път

  1. Remove all packaging and accessories, clean and dry all accessories, including integrated water tank.
  2. Fully fill the water tank with water at room temperature, then close the lid.
  3. Install the water tank by pushing it firmly towards the oven.
  4. Select Self-cleaning function.
  5. After cleaning, wait until the oven is cooled. Remove the water tank and empty the drip tray.
    Wipe dry the oven cavity

Първи стъпки

  1. Connect the plug of the appliance into an earthed power outlet socket. The power ON button    will light up. The oven is in standby mode now.
  2. Press the hold Power ON button to turn on the oven. Function icons illuminate and the display shows .
  3. Select the desired function. The display will show the default time and temperature for the selected setting. Adjust temperature and cooking time if needed, using бутон.
  4. Insert the wire rack or food tray into the desired position. Ensure the food is centered in the oven for the most even cooking.
  5. Затвори вратата.
  6. Натискане  бутон, за да започнете да готвите.
  7. The cooking time will be displayed and begin to count down. The cooking temperature and time can be adjusted during the cooking cycle.
  8. At the end of the cooking cycle, the oven alert will sound, and the timer duration will be shown as zero on the display.


  1. When selected “Steam cook” or “Steam+Convection” function, make sure you have filled the water tank before operation.
  2. The cooking cycle can be stopped at any time by pressing the button. This will bring the oven back to Standby mode.


Cook with Steam

There are two modes for cooking with steam: Steam cooking and Steam convection.
Steam cooking can keep foods soft and moist. It is suitable for vegetables, seafood and so on. It is also well for to reheat ready meal or tin foods.
Steam convection combines the feature of steam and convection cooking. By adding steam while cooking in Oven mode, allows to create fluffer cakes and juicier meats.

  1. Fill the water tank with room temperature water before using. The max. water tank capacity is 500ml.
  2. Install the water tank, push it firmly towards the oven.
  3. Place food tray and wire rack with food in the lower shelf position and close the door. Then select the function desired.
  4. Натискане бутон в to adjust desired temperature.
    (ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: there is no temperature adjustment available for STEAM COOK function)
  5. Натискане бутон в to adjust desired cooking time.
  6. , Натиснете button. The cooking temperature and time appears in the display alternatively and timer begins to count down.
  7. You can change the time using button to do the adjustment.
  8. If Refill Water icon is displayed, remove the water tank and fill it with water. Position and push firmly into place. Press за да възобновите програмата.
  9. At the end of the program, oven alert will sound.
  10. After the oven is cooled, remove and empty the integrated water tank. Wipe the oven cavity

ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: Pay attention when heating soup, beverages, and other liquid foods. Heating beverages will result in delayed splashing and boiling, so care must be taken when taking them out.

Risk of Scalding! During and after steam heating, be careful of the heat and vapor discharged. Be extremely cautious when opening the oven door, as the oven may continue to emit hot steam.

Cook by Air Fry
The Air Fry mode provides an easy and healthier way of cooking by applying rapid air circulation from all directions additional to a top grill. It can cook food crispy and brown.

  1. Insert the food tray into middle or lower rack position. Arrange food evenly on the tray, place food in a single layer and leave space between pieces.
  2. When frying foods like chicken nuggets or bacon, place food directly on the wire rack which can help to drip oil and keep dry. Insert food tray underneath the rack for collecting dripped oil.
  3. Close the door. Press air fry function button .
  4. Натискане бутон в to adjust desired temperature.
  5. Натискане бутон в to adjust desired cooking time.
  6. Натисни бутон to start cooking. The cooking temperature and time will appear in the display alternatively and timer begins to count down.
  7. You can change time and temperature setting while cooking. Using button to do the adjustment.

Cook by Auto Menu

There are FIVE auto menus preset in this oven. They are basically cook by convection

  1. Insert the food tray into middle or lower rack position. Arrange food evenly on the tray, place food in a single layer and leave space between pieces. Close the door.
  2. Select the desired cooking menu.
  3.  Натискане бутон в to adjust desired temperature.
  4. Натискане бутон в to adjust desired cooking time.
  5. Натискане button to start cooking. The cooking temperature and time will appear in the display alternatively and timer begins to count down.
  6. For evenly distributed colour of cooked food, re-arrange food position or tray orientation during cooking.
  7. You can open the door anytime in between cooking process. After re-arranging the food, close the door to resume the program.
  8. You can change time and temperature setting while cooking. Using button to do the adjustment.
  9. At the end of the program, oven alert will sound.

Внимание! The oven door, outer cabinet and oven cavity will become hot. Use thick oven gloves when adding or removing foods to prevent burns.

Други характеристики

For removal of odour and descale the vapor vent, it is recommended to do self-clean regularly. A cleaning alarm is set in the oven, after 80hours of usage, the display will flash with ‘CLER’. User shall carry out self-cleaning function to reset the time count. The self-cleaning function will take approximately 60 minutes to complete the cycle


  1. Detach the Mounting rail on both sides, wipe the oven walls with a soft cloth and warm water. (For how to detach the Mounting rail, please refer to Clean and Maintenance section)
  2. Prepare detergent with approximately 20g of citric acid cleaner/ white vinegar dissolved completely in 400ml of water, then pour the mixture into the water tank.

Започнете Почистване

  1. Press and hold the Self-Clean button to activate the cleaning procedure.
  2. Display shows “CL:01”, indicating the first stage of cleaning procedure. At this stage, the pump, pipes and cavity will be rinsed by the citric solution. This process lasts for around 48min.
  3. Когато stage 1 has ended, 3 beeps will sound and display shows “CL:02”, indicating the second stagд на почистване.
  4. Remove and empty the integrated water tank. Refill with clear water at room temperature then re-install the water tank. The refill process needs to complete in 5 minutes, or the cleaning program will end automatically.
  5. Press to start second stage cleaning procedure. All parts with be rinsed by clean water. This process will last for around 5min.
  6. The cleaning program will enter the last stage automatically. The display will show “CL:03”and Air Fry function will start for drying the cavity.
  7. When the cleaning process ends, there will be 3 beeps and the display shows “END”. The oven will return to Standby mode

ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: Steam oven cannot function until self-cleaning process is completed.

Вътрешно осветление

Switches on the interior lighting during cooking, make it easier to check the food status. Press  button to turn on the light. Press again to turn off the light, or leave it for 30s, the light will turn off automatically

Почистване и поддръжка

ВАЖНО! Clean the oven each time after use, this can avoid food residue and oily juice from getting stuck on cavity wall, which may cause odour and hygiene issues

Изключете захранващия кабел преди почистване.

  • Винаги оставяйте уреда да се охлади преди почистване.
  • DO NOT use hard or abrasive cleaning agents, or agents with high acidic/ alkaline content.
    Do NOT use hard scouring pads. Clean the oven with a warm, moist cloth or and a
  • nonabrasive sponge with mild detergent.
  • Remove the mounting rail to clean the inner cavity. Steps to detach and refit the rail as shown below.
  • Clean accessories, including mount rail, with warm soapy water.
  • Уверете се, че всички компоненти са чисти и добре изсушени преди съхранение.
  • Store the appliance in a clean and dry location

Detaching and refitting the mounting rails
ПРЕДУПРЕЖДЕНИЕ – Опасност от изгаряне!
The rails become very hot. Always allow the appliance to cool down before detaching. You can find rails fit on left and right side of the cavity wall.

Отделяне на релсите

  1. Unscrew the top fixing screw.
  2. Pull out the top part then lift the rail.

Refitting the rails

  1. Reverse the steps of detaching the rails. Align the hooks at bottom of the rail with the sockets on cavity wall.
  2. Fixed the screw to lock the rail against the wall.


Steam or water leaks at door The door is not properly shut Water tank leaksDrip tray is full

беда Възможна причина Решение
Oven cannot start Фурната не е включена добре в контакта. Remove plug from outlet and re- insert.
Problem with power outlet Plug another appliance into the outlet to check if the outlet is


Fuse or circuit breaker blow Сменете предпазителя или нулирайте прекъсвача
Фурната не се нагрява Вратата не е затворена правилно Close the door again
Oven is overheated Open the door to cool the cavity. Ensure good ventilation around the oven. Restart the oven when its cool to room


Contact customer service if same

fault repeats.

Component fault Return the product to Kmart.

Outside the warranty period, any

repairs to the product must be carried out by a qualified electrical person only.

No steam generates Not enough water to pump up Fully fill the water tank
Water tank is not fitted properly Reinstall the water tank. Make sure the tank is push firmly into the oven.
Water pipe is blocked by scale Run self-clean procedure. Refer to p.13 for detail instruction.
Component fault Return the product to Kmart. Outside the warranty period, any repairs to the product must be carried out by a qualified electrical person only.
Close the door again and press firmly to the cavity
Door seal not properly installed The door seal may be distorted due to high temperature. Check the seal is flat without folding.
Door frame deform for damaged Contact the maintenance center for inspection and repair.
Remove and empty the drip tray
Water tank is not fitted properly Reinstall the water tank. Make sure the tank is push firmly into

the oven without gap

The following situations are normal and are not signs that the oven is malfunctioning.

Положение Отговор
Water is found inside the oven Steam has condensed inside the oven. Wipe dry with a soft cloth or a sponge after cooling.
Noise when cooking with high


High temperatures may cause expansion of the oven components. This is normal.
Noise when using steam function This is caused by water pump and steam ejection, which is normal.
When using the oven for the first

time, it may smoke or smell.

It is recommended to run self-cleaning before first user. See p.13 step-by-step instructions.
Pizza does not cook evenly Some large pizzas may brown unevenly in compact ovens. Pause the cooking half way through the cooking process and rotate the pizza

180degress for more even darkness.

Съобщение за грешка на дисплея

E-1 Bake sensor open circuit Turn off and unplug the unit. Open the door and wait for 8-10 minutes, then plug back in and restart. Return to KMART store if the E-1 message continues.
E-2 Bake sensor short circuit Turn off and unplug the unit. Open the door and wait for 8-10 minutes, then plug back in and restart.

Return to KMART store if the E-2 message continues.

E-3 Oven temperature is above maximum limit Turn off and unplug the unit. Open the door and wait for 8-10 minutes, then plug back in and restart.

Contact customer service if the E-3 message


E-4 Signal communication problem This is a non-resettable issue. Should this occur, unplug the unit and return o KMART store
E-5 Steam sensor open This is a non-resettable issue. Should this occur, unplug the unit and return o KMART store
E-6 Steam sensor short circuit This is a non-resettable issue. Should this occur, unplug the unit and return o KMART store
CLER Self- clean alert Carry out self-clean function 1 time. Please refer to

p.13 for detail instruction.

Спецификации на продукта

Модел №. SAT15003
Номинален обемtage 220-240V
Номинална честота 50-60Hz
Номинална мощност Steam cooker: 985W

Air fryer: 1635W

Капацитет на резервоара за вода 500 мл

Месечна гаранция 12

Благодарим ви за покупката от Kmart.

Kmart Australia Ltd гарантира, че вашият нов продукт няма дефекти в материалите и изработката за периода, посочен по-горе, от датата на покупката, при условие че продуктът се използва в съответствие с придружаващите препоръки или инструкции, когато е предвидено. Тази гаранция допълва вашите права съгласно австралийския закон за потребителите.

Kmart ще ви предостави избора на възстановяване, ремонт или замяна (когато е възможно) за този продукт, ако стане дефектен в рамките на гаранционния срок.

Kmart ще поеме разумните разходи за искане на гаранцията. Тази гаранция вече няма да се прилага, когато дефектът е резултат от промяна, злополука, злоупотреба, злоупотреба или небрежност.

Моля, запазете касовата си бележка като доказателство за покупка и се свържете с нашия Център за обслужване на клиенти на 1800 124 125 (Австралия) или 0800 945 995 (Нова Зеландия) или, чрез Помощ за клиенти на, за всякакви трудности с вашия продукт. Гаранционни претенции и претенции за разходи, направени при връщане на този продукт, могат да бъдат адресирани до нашия Център за обслужване на клиенти на адрес 690 Springvale Rd, Mulgrave Vic 3170.

Нашите стоки идват с гаранции, които не могат да бъдат изключени съгласно австралийския закон за потребителите. Имате право на замяна или възстановяване на сума за голяма неизправност и обезщетение за всяка друга разумно предвидима загуба или повреда. Също така имате право да ремонтирате или подмените стоките, ако стоките не са с приемливо качество и повредата не означава голяма повреда.

За клиенти от Нова Зеландия тази гаранция е в допълнение към законовите права, спазени съгласно законодателството на Нова Зеландия.

Appendix – Cooking guide

Ястие Готвене


Cook temp. Време за готвене
Steam vegetable


Steam cook 100 ℃ 30 минути
Steam bread Steam cook 100 ℃ 15 минути
Steam egg


Steam cook 100 ℃ 12 минути
Steam fish (200g) Steam cook 100 ℃ 15 минути
Steam pork (200g) Steam cook 100 ℃ 20 минути
Steam sweet potato


Steam cook 100 ℃ 30 минути
Steam shrimp Steam cook 100 ℃ 8 минути
Home-made pizza Пара


160 ℃ 10 минути
Печено свинско Пара


200 ℃ 20 минути
Печете пиле Пара


200 ℃ 40 минути

Документи / Ресурси

anko SAT15003 Фритюрник с въздух във фурна [pdf] Ръководство на потребителя
SAT15003, SAT15003 Oven Air Fryer, Oven Air Fryer, Air Fryer


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