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Get ready to immerse yourself in musical bliss with your very own pair of boAt Airdopes 458. Please consider this manual as your guiding map towards the shores of musical bliss. Knowledge of Bluetooth and device connectivity is essential for steering this boat and therefore we strongly recommend thorough reading of this manual: also, you may refer to the same at times when you face any sort of difficulty in future.

Пакетът съдържа

  • 1N Airdopes 458
  • 2N допълнителни наушници
  • 1N кутия за зареждане
  • 1N Гаранционна карта
  • 1N Каталог
  • 1N Read Me Card
  • 1N карта с ЧЗВ
  • 1N Type Cc Cable
  • 1N Ръководство за потребителя
  • 1N Fast Pair Card

Включване (за първи път потребител)

Стъпка 1: To switch the earbuds on (Smart Power On) simply open the lid of the charging case (when earbuds are inside). Our IWP” Insta Wake N’ Pair) Technology enables the earbuds to power on automatically, get connected and enter into the connection mode.
Докоснете продължително CTC на двете слушалки за 3 секунди, за да включите ръчно слушалкитеboAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 01Стъпка 2: Both the earbuds automatically pair with each other. The earbuds enter into the Connection Mode, indicated rapid white LED flashes.

от този режим

Стъпка 3: Включете Bluetooth функционалността на вашия телефон / медийно устройство и сканирайте
Стъпка 4: Search for Airdopes 458′ and pair accordingly
Congratulations! Your earbuds are connected successfully via Bluetooth


  • Pairing Mode: It lasts for 5 minutes. IF the pairing time is missed then you will need to reconnect the earbuds and follow the above-mentioned procedureboAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 02
  • Subsequent Usage: Airdopes 458 remembers previously Connected devices; once Switched on. the earbuds automatically reconnect to the previously connected devices

Използване на единични слушалки

Стъпка 1: Моля, обърнете внимание, че и двете слушалки могат да се използват в моно режим. Използвайте Smart/Manual Power On, за да включите желаната слушалка
Стъпка 2: The selected earbud automatically enters the connection mode indicated by rapid white LED flashes
Стъпка 3: Turn on Bluetooth on your phone/media device and search for Airdopes 458 to connect
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 03Забележка:

  • To switch to Stereo mode, simply take out the other earbud From the case It will automatically power on and pair with the previously selected earbud, hence enabling Stereo usage
  • Не можете да пропускате песни или да се връщате към предишните записи в моно режим

LED Indicators/ Functionalities

  • 3 Секунди Продължително докосване наляво CTC за 3 секунди, за да активирате гласов асистент
  • 3 Секунди Long touch both CTCs for 3 seconds to manually power on, indicated by white LED flash for 1 second
  • 5 Секунди Long touch both CTCs for 5 seconds to manually power off, indicated by white LED flash
  • 10 Секунди  Long press the Reset Button on the case for up to 10 seconds for the factory reset, indicated by white LED flashes on the case
    boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 04


Step: Please insert the earbuds back inside the charging case in correct orientation and close the case lid. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the charging case automatically switches off to save power.


boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 14
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 05Забележка:

  • Before using the earbuds for the first time, t is recommended to fully charge the earbuds. Also, please keep the id of the charging case closed while charging
  • If the earbuds have battery lower than 20% white LED blinks thrice every 30 seconds

Зареждане на случая

Step: To charge the case. plug one end of the provided cable into the case and connect the other end to a computer/ wall adapter/ power bank, etc. While the case gets charged it gets indicated by slow breathing white LED. Whereas when it gets fully charged. the LED turns into solid white

Основни функции

  • Voice Assistant: Long touch the CTC On left earbud for 3 second to activate default voice assistant
  • Answer Call Single tap the CTC on either earbud to answer an incoming call
  • Hang Up Call: Double tap the CTC on either earbud
  • Reject Call: Double tap the CTC on either earbud
  • Play/Pause Music: Put on the earbuds to play a song.

whereas remove them from your ears to pause one. The In-Ear Detection feature triggers a seamless play or pause.
Single tap on either earbud’s CTC to play or pause music

  • Next Track: When playing music, double tap the right CTC to skip to the next song9
  • Previous Track: When playing music, double tap the left CTC to return to the previousS song
  • BEAST Mode: Long touch the right earbud’s CTC for 3 seconds to switch to Low Latency mode infused with Virtual 3D Sound, also known as the BEAST Mode
    Made for the Gamers By Gamers, BEAST”” Mode reduces the latency significantly and improves the overall gaming experience. With BEAST” mode, the earbuds activate 3D audio mode especially made for gaming.

To turn off the BEAST” mode and return to Standard mode, long touch the right earbud’s CTC for another 3 seconds

  • ENx Tech: Our ENx tech algorithm cancels out the background noise so that you can be heard crystal cle via voice calls. One need not activate ENx as the mic is equipped with the same and activated by default. Deliver your voice without interruptions anywhere traffic, railway stations, airports, work space; literally anywhere


  • Силата на звука може да се контролира само чрез медийното устройство

Гласов асистент

Стъпка 1: Long touch the CTC on  left earbud for 3 seconds to activate the smart voice assistant
Стъпка 2: Съответният екран за гласов асистент се появява и можете да поставяте командите си спокойно
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 06Съвет: Можете да изпробвате следните команди,
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 07Забележка: If the voice assistant doesn’t get triggered then the functionality has to be first enabled vià your media device.

Интелигентно изключване

Стъпка 1: След употреба извадете двете слушалки от ушите си
Стъпка 2: Place the earbuds back into the charging case in correct orientation and ciose the lid
Стъпка 3: Слушалките автоматично ще се изключат (и ще влязат в режим на зареждане)
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 08

Ръчно изключване

Стъпка 1: Long touch both the CTCs on earbuds for 5 seconds
Стъпка 2: След като слушалките се изключат, поставете ги обратно в кутията и затворете капака
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 09

Фабрично нулиране

Извършете фабричното нулиране, в случай че се сблъскате с някакви затруднения, докато работите с Airdopes 458

ЗАБЕЛЕЖКА: Before performing reset clear Airdopes 458 from pairing device history by forgetting device
Стъпка 1: Поставете тапите за уши в кутията.
Стъпка 2:While the earbuds are inside the case, long press the Reset button located outside the case for 10 seconds, until the white LED blinks on the case
Стъпка 3: Close the case lid and then reopen it again.
Your Airdopes 458 has been Reset, now you may perform a fresh pairing procedure to establish connection.
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 10

Отстраняване на проблеми

boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 11
boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 12


boAt Airdopes 458 True Wireless Earbuds 13предупреждение

  • Моля, следвайте инструкциите за работа
  • Моля, не използвайте слушалките при екстремни температури
  • Please dont use the product near water
  • Please keep the product away from heat sources, as the heat may damago it
  • Не заглушавайте портовете като порт за зарядно устройство, LED порт и т.н.
  • Препоръчва се продуктът да се използва под максималната сила на звука, за да се защити слуха и да се удължи експлоатационният живот на тапите.

Препоръчително: The earbuds start at a 100% volume and it may need to be reduced when the earbuds are switched on at first. This can be done by using the phone/ media

Документи / Ресурси

boAt Airdopes 458 Истински безжични слушалки [pdf] Ръководство на потребителя
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