busch muller 163 Eyro Battery LED Headlight 

busch muller 163 Eyro Battery LED Headlight


Instruction Manual for IXON Core / IXON Fyre / LUMOTEC Eyro Battery LED Headlight with IQ-Light Technology

These use and installation instructions are intended for users with knowledge and experience in assembling and installing bicycle components. You need to have the suitable tools. If you do not know how to assemble or install bicycle components or do not have all the necessary tools for the job, you must consult with a bicycle specialist to have the installation done properly. Otherwise, the bicycle rider may fall off and be seriously injured due to improper assembly or installation of the light. Read these use and installation instructions, follow all the steps described and keep them in a safe place.

Информация за безопасност

These use and installation instructions use the following signal words to alert you to potential hazards. The meaning of the signal words is listed below:

символ Показва опасна ситуация, която, ако не бъде избегната, може да доведе до смърт или сериозни наранявания

символ Показва информация, считана за важна, но не свързана с опасност (напр. информация, свързана с щети на имущество).

- Икона символът се използва за предоставяне на друга полезна информация за вашите нови светлини за велосипед.


Busch + Müller offer different types of bicycle lights. Not every bicycle light can be used for every application and for riding bicycles on every surface. There are limitations. If you are not sure what type of bicycle light you have, either call our service hotline at +49 2354 915-7111, send an e-mail to service@bumm.de or consult a local specialist bicycle retailer.
символ  Bicycle lights made by Busch + Müller are suitable for use on bicycles that are ridden on a firm surface. Avoid any extreme use, and never ride down stairs or perform jumps, stunts, tricks, bunny hops or steep descents on rough terrain.

Правни разпоредби

Before riding your bicycle on public roads, you must learn about and obey all applicable national, state and local laws and regulations. These may be found in the Highway Code, DMV Handbook or other sources depending on your state or location. If you are not sure about the applicable regulations, consult a local bicycle specialist retailer.
Икона Never cover or conceal bicycle lights. Always make sure the bicycle lights are correctly adjusted. In general, the prescribed mounting height ranges between about 16” to 48”. For details consult the Highway Code or DMV Handbook or inquire with a local bicycle specialist retailer. The prescribed mounting height ranges between 40 und 120 mm. You will find more details in the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. If necessary, contact a local bicycle specialist retailer. Make sure your lights are positioned and adjusted in a way to ensure they do not blind oncoming traffic.

Пакет съдържание

IXON Core / IXON Fyre:
Headlight | USB mains adapter | USB cable to micro-USB | handlebar bracket | instruction manual

Headlight | USB cable to micro USB | stainless steel bracket | instruction manual

General assembly notes

No mounting underneath the handlebar: If the headlight is suspended underneath the handlebar, the light field is reversed and oncoming traffic blinded which is a violation of traffic regulations. Also, we do we assume any liability for possible splash water damage likely to occur when the headlight is mounted underneath the handlebar.
символ Avoid falls, accidents and serious injuries. Use only the pre-installed Busch + Müller bicycle light mounting brackets. Installing a bicycle light on a bicycle using brackets which are not suitable or are positioned inappropriately, can lead to the light becoming loose, slipping and getting caught in the spokes of the wheels
символ Never install a bracket on conical fork legs or strut substructure!
Tighten all screws so that the bicycle light cannot move. This is especially important when riding on uneven surfaces. The light has a sufficiently tight seat when headlight range adjustment is difficult to adjust its position.

символ Never adjust the bicycle light while riding! Severe falls and injuries may result. Do not ride the bicycle if the beam issued by your bicycle light is misaligned, or the light is too loose. Only straighten or fasten the bicycle light when the bicycle is not moving. Dazzling oncoming traffic can cause accidents. Prior to adjusting the bicycle light, always loosen the bracket screw. Afterwards, make sure to securely re-tighten the bracket screw again.
символ Never look into the bicycle light when it is turned on

Height adjustments of the light

To avoid dazzling or startling approaching traffic or other road users, adjust the bicycle headlight in a way to ensure that, on a completely even road, the horizontal edge of the light or the furthest area of the light field is always visible in the distance!
Height adjustments of the light
Height adjustments of the light

Mounting instructions for Core and Fyre

Икона Ensure to attach the Core and Fyre headlights to the handlebar only.
Place the rubber ring included in the scope of supply around the handlebar. Insert the locking screw selected to fit the handlebar diameter into the side of the locking knob selected according to the handlebar diameter and screw it into the handlebar holder. Place the handlebar holder over the rubber ring with the locking button facing the saddle. Join the legs of the holder underneath the handlebar and affix them using the locking screw.
ИконаМоля обърнете внимание: The locking knob can be used as a short or long version (simply turn as required)!

Икона Insert the headlight into the headlight holder from the left in the direction of travel and firmly push it into place until it audibly engages. Be sure to check that it is securely seated. To remove the headlight, press the release button on the holder (located to the right of the headlight in the direction of travel), while firmly holding the headlight and pull it off to the left. We exclude liability for any damage caused by falling, e.g. because the headlight was not held tight while it was removed. If the structural situation on the bicycle only allows the locking button to point away from the cyclist rather than towards him, use a screwdriver to loosen the holder adapter on the top of the holder, turn it by 180° and then affix it again. The headlight can be swivelled vertically and, horizontally by a few degrees. In both cases, the locking screw of the holder must be loosened.
Vertically: The headlight’s tilting angle is determined by the position of the handlebar attachment. Horizontally: The headlight can be swivelled infinitely (to a limited extent) to the left or right on the rubber ring.
Height adjustments of the light

Mounting instructions for Eyro

Use the enclosed stainless steel holder from Busch + Müller to securely fasten the headlight on the bike‘s steering head. Carefully tighten the screws on the headlight in a way to prevent the headlight from moving in the holder all by itself.
Фарът Digital Icon can be removed from the holder Digital Icon and reinserted after pushing the locking mechanism Digital Icon upwards. It can be additionally locked by turning the circular locking механизъм Digital Icon.

Зареждане на батерията

The headlight comes with an integral lithium-ion-battery that must be charged before first use. To charge, open the rear cover on the headlight, or remove the Eyro headlight from the package. Connect the enclosed USB cable to the Micro-USB socket Digital Icon don the headlight. Connect the USB cable to the enclosed power supply unit, to another standard USB power supply unit (max. 1,000 mA, 5 V) or to a computer. During the charging process, the LED on the switch shines blue. When the LED light is off, the charging process is complete. When charging with an alternative device or computer, the LED on the switch flashes blue. Overcharging is basically impossible as the power supply is automatically switched off. Ensure to charge the battery at temperatures above 0°C only. Charging is also possible when the headlight is switched on.

символ As a precaution, never leave the headlight unattended during the charging process and place it on a fireproof surface.

Икона  Моля имайте предвид: During the charging process, the headlight is not protected against splash and rain water. The headlight can also be charged when switched on. We do not assume any liability for damage likely to be caused by moisture entering the headlight during the charging process.
Икона How to preserve the battery: When not in use over an extended period of time, store the headlight in a cool and dry environment as well as with approx. 30 – 50 % residual capacity. If the battery is discharged to below 10% capacity and then fully charged again, the battery recalibrates itself. Occasional calibration helps to ensure that the remaining lighting capacity is always displayed as accurately as possible.

Продължителност на зареждането
Using the original power pack from Busch + Müller:
Eyro: abt. 5 hrs. /Core: abt. 3.5 hrs. / Fyre: abt. 5 hrs.
Using other USB power packs or USB computer connector: extended charging times.
We do not accept liability for damage caused by using third-party power supply units.

Charging the battery while cycling
With E-Werk (Type 361) or USB-Werk (Type 361BW) from Busch + Müller, the current generated by a hub dynamo can be used to charge the headlight while cycling.

Operation & display

High-Power: Core abt. 50 Lux / Fyre and Eyro abt. 30 Lux, shines consistently bright for more than 3 hrs.
Low-Power: Core abt 12 Lux/ Fyre and Eyro abt. 10 Lux, shines consistently bright for abt. 15 hrs. If the battery charge falls below a certain level, the High-Power mode automatically switches to Low-Power. In order to protect the battery against exhaustive discharge, the High-Power mode is then no longer possible.

Включване / изключване
Switch on/off: Press for 2 seconds
Switching between the High-Power and Low-Power mode: press briefly

Battery level indicator LED in switch
Blue LED: High-Power light mode
Red LED: Low-Power light mode
In either mode, the indicator LED shows the residual capacity by flashing:
Flashing 5 times – residual capacity: abt. 80-100 %
Flashing 4 times – residual capacity: abt. 60-80 %
Flashing 3 times – residual capacity: abt. 40-60 %
Flashing 2 times – residual capacity: abt. 20-40 %
Flashing 1 time – residual capacity: abt. 0-20 %
continuous flashing – low battery level, please charge the battery.

To check the remaining capacity before these two minutes have elapsed, either change the mode or switch the headlight off and then on again. When the capacity falls below a certain level, the headlight automatically switches to the Low-Power mode (red indicator LED flashes).
символ Flashing indicator LED: The headlight no longer meets the minimum legal requirements and must be charged. There is now about one hour left before the headlight finally switches off.

Depending on the ambient temperature, this period of time can also be longer or shorter, so that the headlight may switch off abruptly at some point. This can result in serious crashes and injuries. Do not cycle if both indicator LEDs in the button are flashing continuously.

Допълнителни бележки

If the bike is cleaned with water or transported, for example, on a car the light must be removed.
Изхвърляне: Electronic parts are no regular waste. They have to be disposed of as special waste!
Моля бележки: The operation of sensitive, radio-controlled odometers may be impaired by LED headlights.


In addition to the above-mentioned exclusions of warranty, we do not assume liability for any and all other damage caused by improper handling (e.g. dropping the headlight, inadequate safety of mounting and its consequences, submersion in water, opening the rear cover in rain or moist environments etc.). Neither do we assume any liability if the headlamp is opened or dismantled at any point other than the rear cover.

Have fun and enjoy safe cycling with your new headlight!

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