Стационарен велоергометър Cyclace L-003B



  • Размери на продукта: ‎40.9" Д x 24.2" Ш x 47.9" В
  • Елемент Размери ДхШхВ: 24.2 x 40.9 x 47.24 инча
  • Специално свойство: ‎Adjustable Seat
  • Източник на захранване: Захранва се с батерии
  • Задвижваща система: ‎Belt
  • Марка: ‎Cyclace


An indoor cycling and aerobic workout stationary bike are the Cyclace Exercise Bike. It has a comfy seat, multi-grip handlebars, and adjustable resistance. Additionally, it frequently contains a digital monitor that measures your training data like pace, distance, calories burned, and others. An easy and efficient way to obtain a low-impact cardio workout in the comfort of your own home is with the Cyclace Exercise Bike.

Какво има в кутията?

  • Exercise bike itself
  • The saddle and handlebar
  • The pedals, the resistance system
  • And all necessary hardware for assembly
  • Ръководство за употреба

Completely Modifiable Exercise Bike

8 adjustable seat brake positions (another exercise bike just have 6 positions). The seat cushion can be moved forward and backward, and the handlebar has five positions. A better bushing, in conjunction with a proper installation, eliminates handlebar sway while riding.

  • 36 -килограмов неподвижен мотор с маховик, плавно каране
  • 4-степенно регулируема седалка, 2-посочно регулируемо кормило с множество дръжки
  • Удължен опорен стол за хора с дължина 5.1-6.5 фута
  • Ергономична съпротивителна лента за по-удобно завъртане и натискане надолу
  • Дупките на кутията на веригата спомагат за разсейването на топлината
  • Ipad държач, многофункционален монитор и държач за бутилки
  • Колела за лесно придвижване, защита на педалите в клетка

The exercise bike that works

less time, more down. Riding helps to reduce injuries, increase core muscles, strengthen the heart, and burn fat swiftly. Our stationary bike fits the requirements of both beginners and experts thanks to its multi-grip handlebar and adjustable resistance.

Personalized Business Cards
A family-friendly indoor machine with full adjustment. a longer adjustable seat support post, a two-way adjustable non-slip handlebar, and a four-way seat for users with inseams of 28 to 39 inches. Wheels make it simple to maneuver the bicycle.

Exercise is simpler to maintain

While you are cycling, the LCD monitor records your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and odometer. For video viewing, place your phone on the holder. You can ride for extended periods of time with a comfortable seat cushion.

Stylish Seat Cushion

A comfortable riding experience is provided by the seat cushion’s ergonomic design. Size of cushion: 10.43″ x 8″ x 2″ (L x W x H). A spring-added buffer improves riding comfort and makes long rides more comfortable.

Setting for security protection

  • To stop the flywheel right away, depress the movable resistance bar.
  • The warning point informs you of the handlebar safety setting’s minimum height.
  • For stability on various surfaces, there are four balance regulators.
  • You are prevented from slipping when pedaling quickly by cage-style pedals.

Често задавани въпроси

Are the pedals standard?

The pedals are standard, but the resistance system is not. The resistance system is a Cyclace patented system.

Is the seat adjustable?

Yes, it has 8 positions.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

Yes, it has 5 positions.

Are there any other colors available?

No, it’s only available in black.

Does it have any warranty?

Yes, it has a 1 year warranty.

Does it work for my home gym?

RPMs are not shown on the computer or sensor that is included. You can’t really utilise stuff like the Peloton app with this bike because the majority of spin cycle app exercises require RPM.

How do I get the squeaky sounds to stop?

When I first bought it, I experienced the exact same issue. The pad needs to be changed so that it properly aligns with the wheel. My problem was that only a portion of the pad was touching, and when the tension was increased, it made a nasty squeaking noise. Ever since I fixed it, I haven’t experienced any issues.

When an iPad is placed on the holder, can you see the LCD screen?

Yes, you can, but I don’t actually use it because it isn’t as accurate as wearing an Apple Watch on your body. you can still see it.

Does this already have SPD clip-in pedals, or do I have to buy them separately and swap them out?

You will need to buy them. The ones I buy are these, wellgo. Spin bike pedals compatible with Shimano SPD.

Do they have clip-in pedals as well, or simply a cage?

My bike’s OEM pedals were cages with movable straps. Since the cages are typical road/mountain bike cages, removing them is simple and just requires two screws. Simply switch the pedals to the other side and ride without placing your feet in cages for short periods of time.

Is the resistance a pad or a magnetic one?

By compressing against the wheel, a pad provides resistance. It is managed by a user on YouTube.

Which SPD pedals work best with this bicycle?

You need tennis shoes because this bike has baskets. To replace the basket pedals, I purchased more pedals. Although SPD-compatible pedals are available, I chose to LOOK compatible pedals because I prefer LOOK clips. You simply instal them in place of the bike’s stock baskets, whichever you want.

Can Zwift be used with this bike?

I’m not sure what Zwift is, but if you have an iPad and it has that software, you can mount it on the handlebar book rest.


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