GERMAN POOL EFB-426HM UVC Air Purifier Mist Heater and Fan

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan

Информация за продукта

The UVC Air Purifier Mist Heater & Fan EFB-426HM is a multi-functional product that can quickly increase the temperature of a room. It uses PTC heating to send heat by hot air, which is safe, efficient, and energy-saving. The product also includes a humidifier and air purifier, making it an all-in-one solution for improving indoor air quality.

The product comes with an Overheat Protection Sensor, which is an automatic fail-proof safety protection that cuts off power automatically when the product is accidentally tipped over or overheats. The product also includes a remote control for easy operation.

Инструкции за употреба на продукта

Първи стъпки

  • Place the product on a hard, level surface to prevent it from falling over. Keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other objects to ensure that the warm air blowing does not affect them.
  • Install two new AAA batteries (No. 7) in the remote control.
  • Plug the product into a socket and turn on the power switch.

Инструкции за експлоатация

  • To turn on the product, press the On/Off button on the body or the remote control. The product will enter standby mode, and the buzzer will beep once.
  • To start running the product, short press the On/Off button for 1 second. The buzzer will beep once, and the product will start running.
  • To stop running the product, long press the On/Off button for 2 seconds. The buzzer will prompt twice, and the product will stop running after you release your hand.
  • To adjust the air volume, press the On/Off button on the body to switch the air volume from 1 to 9 (in Cool Mode) or 1 to 4 (in Warm Mode). Alternatively, you can use the + and – buttons on the remote control.
  • To enable oscillating operation, press and hold the On/Off button for 1 second. The buzzer will beep once, and the product will start oscillating. Press and hold the On/Off button for 1 second again to stop oscillating.

Отстраняване на проблеми

If you encounter any problems with the product, refer to the troubleshooting section of the user manual for possible solutions.

Гаранционна информация

To register your warranty information and view the warranty terms and conditions, refer to the last page of the user manual.

Моля, прочетете внимателно тези инструкции и информация за гаранцията преди употреба и ги дръжте под ръка за бъдещи справки.

Предупреждения и инструкции за безопасност

Прочетете внимателно всички инструкции, преди да използвате този продукт.

  • Този продукт е само за домашна употреба на закрито. Ако този продукт се използва за търговски, промишлени, отдаване под наем или други цели, гаранцията на продукта ще бъде АНУЛИРАНА.
  • Този продукт не е предназначен за употреба от деца или лица с намалени физически, сетивни проблеми
    или умствени способности, или липса на опит и знания, освен ако не са били наблюдавани или инструктирани относно използването на този продукт от възрастен, отговорен за тяхната безопасност.
  • Пазете децата си и НЕ позволявайте на децата да си играят с този продукт.
  • Почистването и поддръжката на потребителя не трябва да се извършват от деца без надзор.
  • Проверете обtage, посочено на етикета с рейтинг, преди да използвате този продукт.
  • Ако захранващият кабел е повреден, той трябва да бъде сменен от производителя, негов сервизен агент или лица с подобна квалификация, за да се избегнат опасности.
  • Изключете този продукт от източника на захранване преди почистване и поддръжка.
  • Свържете се с оторизиран сервизен техник на German Pool за ремонт или поддръжка на този продукт.

To avoid fire, electric shock, or personal injury, please be sure to observe the following requirements; Please follow the local electrical regulations.

  • Този продукт е подходящ само за употреба на закрито и не трябва да се използва на открито.
  • This product must not be repaired or modified by non-professional or unauthorized personnel.
  • Before plugging in the power supply, please check whether the rated voltage indicated by this product is the same as the voltagд във вашия дом.
  • When the machine is in operation or idle, it should be placed more than 1.5 meters away from fire and potential fire. Avoid direct sunlight.
  • It is forbidden to use in places with flammables, or explosive objects, subject to heat, deformation, discoloration and deterioration. It is forbidden to use in places with heavy dust.
  • It is forbidden to use in places with hanging objects, where it can be easily bumped into or hit, or on an unstable surface.
  • It is forbidden to use the method of plugging (unplugging) the power cord to replace the power on and power off switch.
  • It is forbidden to use this product as heating equipment for animals or plants.
  • To avoid overheating, it is forbidden to cover the product.
  • It is strictly forbidden to insert any wire or other foreign matter into any hole in the machine, in order to avoid electric shock.
  • DO NOT use if the product shows signs of obvious damage after a fall.
  • It is strictly forbidden to immerse the machine in water.
  • Never use the machine directly facing an electrical outlet or under a power outlet.
  • It is strictly forbidden to share the socket with other high-power appliances.
  • DO NOT directly pull the power cord to move the body.
  • If the machine is covered or incorrectly placed, it can cause a fire hazard. Therefore, it is not allowed to use a programmable automatic power-on device, timer, or any other device with the product.
  • When the product is in use, the power cord should be placed behind the body. Placing the power cord in front will cause it to overheat and be damaged, or even cause an accident.
  • Children, elderly people or patients who have lost the ability to take care of themselves, please use this appliance under the supervision of an adult, to prevent accidents.
  • If this product fails, please turn off the power and unplug the power cord immediately. This product must be repaired by the manufacturer’s maintenance department or a similarly qualified professional.
  • Before use, check that the power cord and the plug are in good condition. If the power cord is damaged, in order to avoid danger, the user must not disassemble or replace it. Replacing the power cord must be performed by the manufacturer’s maintenance department or a similarly qualified professional.
  • To avoid burning when using this product, please DO NOT let bare skin directly contact with the surface of the air outlet.
  • This product is only suitable for use in dry environment. DO NOT use around a bathtub, sprinkler or swimming pool.
  • If there is a gap between the plug and the socket, or the plug has become very hot, maybe the socket needs to be replaced. Consult a qualified electrician to replace the outlet.
  • This product must be connected to an EMSD-certified fixed socket with the correct rated power. It is strictly forbidden to use adopters, extension cords, or share the socket with other appliances.

Структура на продукта

This product uses PTC heating, send heat by hot air, which can quickly increase room temperature. It is without open flame, safe, efficient and energy saving.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-1

  1. овлажнител
  2. Бутон за включване/изключване на овлажнителя
  3. Въздушен извод
  4. Въздушен канал
  5. Body
  6. Heater & Fan On/Off Button
  7. LED дисплей
  8. Вход за въздух
  9. база
  10. USB интерфейс на овлажнител
  11. Захранващ Кабел
  12. Бутон за захранване
  13. Най-горната корица
  14. Дистанционно управление

Първи стъпки с продукта


  • Please put this product in a horizontal position. Avoid putting it on a slope or a soft surface to prevent it from falling over. Please do not use it in high temperature area with high humidity, such as bathroom and kitchen.
  • Avoid blocking the Air Inlet and Outlet during use. Please keep the product far away from the curtains, so that they will not block the Inlet/Outlet and obstruct the product from working.
  • Do not place objects within 1 meter in front of the Air Outlet to ensure that the volume of cool air would not be reduced. Pay attention to the effects on warm air blowing on objects.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-2

This product includes an Overheat Protection Sensor, which is an automatic fail-proof safety protection that cuts off power automatically when the product is accidentally tipped over or overheats. If this sensor is triggered and the product is stopped, unplug the machine and let it cool. Check and remove any obstructions before restarting the product and be sure to place it on a hard, level surface.

Метод на инсталиране на батерията

  1. Open the Remote Control Battery Cover.
  2. Заредете две нови AAA (№ 7) сухи батерии.
  3. Затворете капака на батерията на дистанционното управление.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-3


  • Не зареждайте тази батерия. Моля, дръжте далече от деца. При поглъщане, моля потърсете незабавно медицинска помощ.
  • Please insert the battery + – orientation correctly.
  • If you do not use the Remote Control for a long time, remove the battery.
  • Dispose of used batteries in accordance with local laws or regulations.

Инструкции за експлоатация на продукта

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-4

Включване и изключване на захранването

  1. Insert the plug into the socket, turn on power switch buzzer leeps one and the product enters the standby state.
  2. Shert press “On/Off” Button for 1 second, the buzzer will beep once and the product start running.
  3. PLong press “On/Off” Button for 2 seconds, the buzzer will prompt you twice, and then stop running after you release the hand.

Промяна на обема на въздуха
When the machine is running in “Cool Mode”, press “On/Off” Button on the body to switch the air volume from 1 to 9.
When the machine is running in “Warm Mode”, press “On/Off” Button on the body to switch the air volume from 1 to 4.
(You can also use the “+ -” Buttons on the left side of the Remote Control.)

Oscillating Operation
Press and hold “On/Off” Button for 1 second, the buzzer will beep once and product start oscillating. Press and hold “On/Off” Button for 1 second again, the buzzer will beep once and product stop oscillating.

Дистанционно управление

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-5

  1. Режим Cool
  2. осцилиращ
  3. On / Off
  4. Увеличаване силата на звука
  5. Намалете силата на звука
  6. Топъл режим
  7. Високо готино
  8. Часовник
  9. Спящ режим
  10. Повишаване на температурата
  11. UVC стерилизация
  12. Намалете температурата
GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-6 On / Off The product can be switched on and off by pressing the “On / Off” Button
GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-7Спящ режим Press “Sleep Mode” Button on the Remote Control.

The display shows “LL” and the fan speed becomes lowest. Press again to exit Sleep Mode.

(You can also exit the current mode by pressing the Wind Strength + – button.)

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-8Високо готино Press “High Cool” Button on the Remote Control.

The display shows “HH” and the fan speed become highest. Press again to exit High Cool Mode.

(You can also exit the current mode by pressing the Wind Strength + – button.)

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-9трептене Press “Oscillation” Button to turn on the Oscillation Function.

This fan can swing left and right at 80º. Press this button again to stop oscillation.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-10


Press “UVC” Button to activate UVC Disinfection function, display panel will show “U”. Press button again to turn off UVC Disinfection function (otherwise UVC Disinfection will automatically turn off after 1 hr).
GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-11Режим Cool Press “Cool Mode” Button to activate the Cool Mode. During Cool Mode, the LED Display does not show “ºC”. Note: The default Start Mode is Cool Mode.
+ -
Увеличете/намалете обема на въздуха
Press “+” Button on the left side of the Remote Control to increase the volume of air; press the “-” Button on the left side of the Remote Control to decrease the volume of air.

Cool Mode can be used for 9-level settings, Warm Mode can be set for 4 levels.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-13Топъл режим Press “Warm Mode” Button to activate Warm Mode.

During Warm Mode, LED Display shows “ºC”.

Note: During Warm Mode, both High Cool and Sleep Mode are not available.

    + -
Повишете/намалете температурата

In Warm Mode, press “+ -” Buttons on the right side of the Remote Control to set the Temperature (1-30°C).

Note: this button does not work during Cool Mode.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-14Часовник Press “Timer” button to set off-timer for 1 to 8 hours. After timer is set, all other functions are still operable. When timer countdown is completed, the product will automatically stop operating; if user wishes to restart the product, please press “On/ Off” Button again. When the product is powered off, the timer will also be cancelled.

Дистанционно управление
The Remote Control should be pointed at the Remote Control Signal Receiver on the display to maximize the remote control signal. Effective distance: 5M.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-15

Remote Control error sometimes occurs due to the overlap of the channel frequencies. For exampле:

  1. This product may react to the remote control of another appliances nearby; or
  2. When using the remote control of this product, other electrical appliances may react. In order to avoid misuse, please operate this Remote Control away from any other appliances.

After switching the product to standby mode, use “Power” Button on the product to power off, since using the Remote Control to turn it off would not cut off electricity completely. When the product will not be used for a prolonged period of time, please unplug the power cord.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-16

Топъл режим 

  1. Press “Warm Mode” Button and the display shows the ambient temperature.
  2. Press “+ / -” Buttons on the right side to set the temperature, and the digital display will be flashing, which can be set to 1-30°C.
  3. 10 seconds after the desired temperature is set, the flashing will stop.
  4. The temperature being set should be higher than the ambient temperature, so that the heating function will be turned on.
  5. When the ambient temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating function will stop and turn into a cool breeze.
  6. When ambient temperature dropped to be lower than the set temperature, the heating function will automatically be activated.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-17

Set Temperature > Ambient Temperature: Warm Mode Turns On. Set Temperature ≤ Ambient Temperature: Warm Mode Stops.

Забележка: The default temperature of the setting is 25 °C.

In Warm Mode, when the ambient temperature is below 0°C, the display only shows 01, does not display negative temperature value.
After Warm Mode has run over 9 hours, the machine will automatically stop running. Restart by pressing the host On/Off Button on the Body or by using the Remote Control.

Please use Remote Control to set temperature; the body of the product does not support this operation.

Използване на овлажнител


  • DO NOT tilt the humidifier or place it upside down, to avoid the humidifier falling off and getting damaged.
  • DO NOT refill the water tank when the humidifier is placed on top of the heater, to avoid causing electric shock or fire due to short circuit.


  • Овлажнителят е подходящ за употреба, когато температурата на околната среда е между 5ºC-40ºC и относителната влажност е по-ниска от 80%.
  • Използвайте само пречистена вода под 40ºC с овлажнителя.
  • When using the humidifier for the first time or taking it out of storage after a prolonged period of time, please clean the water tank thoroughly before use.
    1. Hold the humidifier firmly by the lid, and lift up to remove the humidifier lid and water tank from the top of the product (diagram 1).
    2.  Press the catch locks on both sides of the humidifier lid to separate the lid from the water tank (diagram 2).
    3. Fill the water tank with purified water. DO NOT fill to above the maximum water mark (Diagram 3).
    4. Attach the lid back on to the water tank, and place the humidifier back onto the top of the product (diagram 4).
    5. След повторно пълнене оставете овлажнителя да престои 1 минута, за да може фитилът да се насити напълно, преди да включите овлажнителя.
    6. Press “On/Off” Button once to activate Low Humidifying Mode (maximum running time is 8 hours). Indicator lamp свети постоянно в синьо.
    7. Press “On/Off” Button twice to activate High Humidifying Mode (maximum running time is 4 hours). Indicator lamp свети постоянно в лилаво.
    8. Press “On/Off” Button again to turn off the humidifier. Indicator lamp се изключва.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-18

Индикатор за изтощена батерия и презареждане 

  • When the humidifier is turned on, and there is less than 10% power left in the battery, the indica-tor lamp ще мига в червено 5 пъти на всеки 1 минута.
  • Презареждане, когато овлажнителят е изключен: Индикатор lamp мига в зелено; когато батерията е напълно заредена, индикатор lamp ще свети постоянно в зелено и ще потъмнее след 1 минута. Овлажнителят ще остане в изключено състояние.
  • Презареждане, когато овлажнителят е включен: Индикатор lamp мига в зелено 5 пъти, след което отново става синьо или лилаво в зависимост от режима на овлажняване, използван в момента.

Почистване и поддръжка

  • Before cleaning, unplug the product and let it cool down.
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the product.
  • Do not use water or other liquids to clean the product.
  • Replace the filter regularly to maintain the air-purifying function of the product.

Unplug the power supply and wait till the product has completely cooled down before cleaning and performing maintenance.

Почистване на повърхности

  • Please do not put the product into water or splash it, which may cause the machine to be damaged.
  • Do not use banana oil, benzine, alcohol, bleach or metal objects to wipe the surface of the fan, which may scratch the surface or cause discoloration.
  • Wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth. If it is very dirty, use water with a mild detergent and wipe with a soft cloth.Then wipe with a dry soft cloth.

Вход/изход за въздух

  • Use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust at the Air Inlet and Outlet. Please clean it regularly to avoid the buildup of dust. Too much dust is not healthy and will reduce efficiency of the product.

Дистанционно управление

  • Gently wipe the surface of the Remote Control with a soft, dry cloth. If you don’t use the product for a long time, please remove the batteries inside the Remote Control to avoid battery consumption.

GERMAN POOL-EFB-426HM-UVC-Air-Purifier-Mist-Heater-and-Fan-19


DO NOT immerse humidifier in water or liquids.

Use only purified water with the humidifier. DO NOT use tap water as it may cause scale to build up inside the tank and decrease its humidifying efficiency.

  • Когато почиствате резервоара за вода, добавете няколко капки препарат в резервоара, напълнете го с чешмяна вода и я оставете да кисне за 15 минути, след което използвайте мека четка, за да почистите котления камък, натрупан вътре в резервоара.
  • Сменяйте водата често и почиствайте резервоара всяка седмица, за да поддържате овлажнителя чист.
  • Ако овлажнителят няма да се използва за продължителен период от време, моля, излейте остатъчната вода и избършете резервоара на сухо. Избършете внимателно овлажнителя и го оставете да изсъхне напълно, преди да го поставите на склад.


  • If the product will not be used for a prolonged period of time, place it in a plastic bag after cleaning. Please avoid storing in a place with vibration (car trunk) or a place heated or cooled by another appliance. Please avoid placing it in direct sunlight, or a place with high temperature and/or high humidity. Please keep it out of reach of young children.

Отстраняване на неизправности на продукта

ВНИМАНИЕ! Do not disassemble the machine or repair it yourself.

Проблем Възможна причина и решение
Включен е в захранването, но продуктът не работи Щепселът правилно ли е поставен в контакта?
Дистанционното управление не работи Батериите изтощени ли са?

Are the batteries inserted correctly?

Дистанционното управление подравнено ли е с приемника на сигнал?

Техническа спецификация

Модел EFB-426HM
Voltage 220 V
Честота 50 – 60 Hz (нагревател и вентилатор) / 50 – 60 Hz (овлажнител)
Захранване 30 W (Охладителен режим) / 1800 W (Топъл режим) / 5 W (Овлажнител)
Swing Range 80 °
Обхват на таймера 1-8 часа
Мотор BLDC безчетков двигател с постоянен ток
Капацитет на резервоара за вода на овлажнителя 320 мл
Размери на продукта (H)1010 mm (W)235 mm (D)235 mm
Нето тегло 3.8 кг

Спецификациите подлежат на промяна без предварително уведомление.
Ако има някакво несъответствие или неяснота между английската и китайската версия, китайската версия има предимство.
Препоръчай на за най-актуалната версия на Инструкциите за експлоатация.

Гаранционни условия
При нормални операции продуктът ще гарантира 1-годишна пълна гаранция, предоставена от German Pool (в сила от датата на закупуване).

Тази гаранция не е валидна, докато информацията за регистрация на клиента не бъде получена от нашия сервизен център в рамките на 10 дни след покупката чрез едно от следните средства:

  1. Посетете нашия сайт webсайт и се регистрирайте онлайн:
  2. Попълнете всички полета на приложената гаранционна карта и я изпратете обратно на нашия клиент
    Сервизен център.

Моля, попълнете формата по-долу. Тази информация и оригиналната фактура за покупка ще бъдат необходими за всеки ремонт. Гаранцията ще бъде анулирана, ако предоставената информация се окаже неточна.

  1. Клиент, който не представи оригинална фактура за покупка, няма да отговаря на условията за безплатно гаранционно обслужване.
  2. Клиентът трябва винаги да следва инструкциите за работа. Тази гаранция не важи за:
    • разходи за труд за монтаж на място, проверка, ремонт, подмяна на части и други транспортни разходи;
    • щети, причинени от произшествия от всякакъв вид (включително прехвърляне на материали и други);
    • оперативни повреди в резултат на прилагане на неправилно обtage, неправилна употреба и неоторизирани инсталации или ремонти.
  3. Тази гаранция е невалидна, ако:
    • фактурата за покупка е променена от неоторизирана страна;
    • продуктът се използва за търговски или промишлени цели;
    • продуктът е ремонтиран или модифициран от неоторизиран персонал или са монтирани неоторизирани части;
    • серийният номер е променен, повреден или премахнат от продукта.
  4. German Pool по свое усмотрение ще поправи или замени всяка дефектна част.
  5. Тази гаранция ще бъде невалидна, ако има прехвърляне на собственост от първоначалния купувач.

Център за обслужване и ремонт на клиенти

Хонг Конг
Unit B, G/F, Sunshine Kowloon Bay Cargo Centre, 59 Tai Yip Street.
Коулун, Хонконг
Tel  : +852 2333 6249
Факс: + 852 2356 9798

3/F, Edificio Industrial Pou Fung,
145 Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira,
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Тази гаранция е валидна само в Хонконг и Макао

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GERMAN POOL EFB-426HM UVC Air Purifier Mist Heater and Fan [pdf] Ръководство на потребителя
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