Micro Heat CFEWH Series Electric Heat Pump Water Heater Instructions
Електрически бойлер с термопомпа Micro Heat CFEWH

Assembly Instaurations

Assembly Instaurations

Set Temp on CFEWH to temperature required.

Install at the point of use, where the Preheater is needed – such as bathroom or ensuite or at the hot water outlet at the end of a long run.

Depending on required flow rates, you may need the Tandem solution (2 x CFEWH units)

Повишаване на температурата Flow rate – LPM / GPM
10 kW 13 kW
15 ° C / 27 ° F 9 LPM / 2.4 GPM 12 LPM / 3.2 GPM
20 ° C / 36 ° F 7 LPM / 1.8 GPM 9 LPM / 2.4 GPM
27 ° C / 48 ° F 5 LPM / 1.3 GPM 7 LPM / 1.8 GPM
35 ° C / 63 ° F 4 LPM / 1.0 GPM 5 LPM / 1.3 GPM
45 ° C / 81 ° F 3 LPM / 0.8 GPM 4 LPM / 1.0 GPM

How the CFEWH Preheating Solution works:
The unit is installed to Preheat the cold water flowing from the hot water pipes to the point of use such as an Ensuite, bathroom or Kitchen, until the hot water from the existing main hot water heater arrives at the point of use. As such it is important to understand what minimum hot water flow rates you expect at the Preheated outlet. Depending on the flow rates you may need a single CFEWH unit or a Tandem system installed (2 x CFEWH Units). The CFEWH set temperature sets the upper limit of the Preheated water temperature. The CFEWH temperature setting is normally set below the temperature of the water expected from the main hot water heater, not higher.

When is CFEWH boosting is needed?

  •  Does it take too long for the water to reach your outlet? A CFEWH Preheating solution can be installed to heat the cold water flowing through your pipes before the hot water comes from the existing water heater.
  • Are you unable to get low flow warm water from your existing water heater? Some Instant water heaters can’t supply warm water at
    low flows. The CFEWH used as Preheater can. Hence, providing a comfortable experience for hand basins and low flow kitchenettes.

Забележка: These are guidelines only, actual in property flow rates must be taken into account before making your decision and installations must always be completed following the CFEWH Installation Manual.

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