Нагревателен пистолет SEEKONE SDL-2816



  • Силна мощност: 1800W
  • Вход: 110V, 60Hz
  • Размер: 248mm*192mm (9.76″*7.56″)
  • Dual temperature setting :
    • Мини: 50 ℃ (122 ℉)
    • Висока: 600 ℃ (1202 ℉)
  • Dual airflow setting:
    • Ниска: 190L-210L / мин
    • Високо: 250L-500L/mini
  • Дължина на кабела: 1.6m (5.25ft)
  • Тегло: 0.9kg (1.984lb)

Какво има в кутията?

Heavy-duty high-performance heat gun with accessories


Four Accessories Nozzles

A long, narrow heat pattern is directed to the work area by the deflector nozzle; A concentrated heat flow is directed to the work surface by two concentrator nozzles, and a uniform heat distribution is achieved by the reflector nozzle.

Product Detailed Overview

Dimensions Layout with Heat Gun nozzles




Променлив контрол на температурата



The SEEKONE 1800W Heat Gun is built to handle a wide range of DIY projects and is highly effective, multipurpose, and undeniably adaptable. Ideal for decorating, home renovation, defrosting frozen pipes, removing varnish and paint, removing rusted fasteners, bending plastics, and many more uses. With a multi-grip handle and ideal weight distribution, the ergonomic SEEKONE heat gun reduces user fatigue during extended usage. Depending on the application, it features two heat and airflow settings (840°F and 1202°F) for more control. It has an overheating protection feature built in, which makes your heat gun safer and more dependable.

SEEKONE-SDL-2816-Heat-Gun-fig-5​Suitable Temperature Recommendations



  • 120-300℉ thaw frozen pipes
  • 400-440℉ bend the plastics or soften the dry paint
  • 440-550℉ soften the adhesive material
  • 790-830℉ soften welding material
  • 900-950℉ loosen rusted material


  • 960-1000℉ remove paint
  • 1000-1200℉ qualitative change



  1. Wrapping a car
    Every mechanic should have this useful garage gadget in their toolbox. It will offer you the advantage when performing things like covering the interior of your automobile or tinting the glass.
  2. Taking out rusty bolts
    If the nut is stubborn, use a heat gun to melt it. Due to the steel’s expansion as a result, the corrosion seal may be compromised. Heat the nut for approximately a minute, then let it cool.
  3. PVC shrinking
    Our heat guns are easy to use and powerful enough to shrink-wrap things effectively at the rate you require. It shrinks PVC swiftly and efficiently in just a few seconds with ideal air velocity settings.
  4. Tubes being bent
    Without the use of adhesives or elbow joints, you may bend a piece of PVC pipe at nearly any angle using a heat gun. not only practical but also vastly speeds up the process.

Гаранция и потребителска поддръжка

100% гаранция за връщане на парите

Guarantee of a complete refund or return together with a lifetime warranty. Please feel free to contact us at any time if anything concerning the product happens; we will always be available to help.

Често задавани въпроси

Is this product made in China?

Yes, this product is made in China

Is there any warranty for the product?

Yes, we offer one year warranty for the product.

Как да се свържа с вас?

You can contact us through an Amazon message or send us an email to our Amazon account.

Will this firearm stand upright so that it may be operated without a hand?

It can stand alone when the nozzle is pointed straight up (vertically).

Could I use this to fuse the seams on a shower curtain made of plastic?

Our heat gun can be used to help in welding seams.

What is the nozzle’s diameter?

Approximately 1 inch and 3/4 of the opening have additional points to focus the heat from an excellent heat gun.

Need a 220-volt heat gun for Indonesia?

I use 110 volts. I’m not sure if there are 220 volts.

Are the Grey, Blue, and Yellow firearms in the chart variations of the same basic design?

They come in a variety of models and options. chosen yours based on your application

Will this rifle trip my home’s circuit breakers? The majority of domestic circuit breakers have a 1500w rating.

Most household breakers are 20 amps, although some are only 15 amps. There shouldn’t be any issues, but you may want to turn off any other appliances that are using the same circuit as you.

Do these have any attachments?

Yes Nozzle attachments

When wrapping melt and pouring soap, what temperature setting did you use?

I just used it to shrink plastic.

Can I use this to make tumblers or other crafts with heat transfer vinyl?

Yes, you can pretty easily manage the temperature.


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