Targus HB367 Ergonomics Folding Wireless Keyboard User Manual

Get all the information you need for the HB367 Ergonomics Folding Wireless Keyboard with this user manual. Learn about its compact design, rechargeable lithium battery, Bluetooth version 5.1, and compatibility with iOS and MAC OS devices. Discover its dimensions, operating distance, and indicators, as well as its keys and functions. Follow the simple steps to power on/off and pair your keyboard.

SHUNJINRUN KM202K 2.4G Wireless Keyboard Instructions

Get detailed instructions for the SHUNJINRUN KM202K 2.4G Wireless Keyboard with this user manual. Learn about its features, such as low voltage indicator and auto-off timer, and how to pair it with a receiver. FCC compliant and easy to use.

hama 00217217 Калъф за таблет Premium с клавиатура Ръководство за употреба

Научете как да използвате калъфа за таблет 00217217 Premium с клавиатура с това ръководство за потребителя. Следвайте инструкциите стъпка по стъпка, за да сдвоите клавиатурата с вашето устройство чрез Bluetooth. Проверете техническите данни и информацията за продукта, включително акумулаторна Li-батерия, 78 клавиша и тъчпад.

GOOJODOQ A1895 Pro Wireless Keyboard User Manual

The A1895 Pro wireless keyboard user manual provides guidelines for optimal device operation and compliance with FCC safety and interference regulations. The manual includes product information and usage instructions. Ensure adherence to recommended radiation exposure limits when using the device with a mobile device.

speedlink SL-670006-BK LUNERA Metal Rainbow Keyboard User Guide

The SL-670006-BK LUNERA Metal Rainbow Keyboard user manual provides instructions on how to use the keyboard's LED illumination and various functions such as media controls and volume adjustment through the 'FN' key. The product conforms to the listed requirements and is intended for indoor home/office use only. Get started with easy-to-follow usage instructions.

ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE II Gaming Mechanical Keyboard User Guide

Learn how to fully utilize the features of the ROG STRIX FLARE II Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with the product information and usage instructions provided in this user manual. Discover how to customize the keyboard with Armoury Crate software and enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with media and volume controls, LED brightness levels, and USB 2.0 passthrough. Get started with the quick start guide included in the package.

ADXK11P23 RGB Gaming Keyboard Instruction Manual

Get the most out of your gaming experience with the ADXK11P23 RGB Gaming Keyboard. This user manual provides detailed instructions, safety information, and helpful tips for using the FIREFIGHT CORE 23 keyboard. Compatible with Windows operating systems, this keyboard features backlight effects, arrow keys, and volume controls. Keep this manual handy for future reference and enjoy your new gaming keyboard.

Комбинирана клавиатура и мишка ADXCOM123 Ръководство с инструкции

Научете как да използвате комбинираната клавиатура и мишка за игри ADXCOM123 с това изчерпателно ръководство за потребителя. Функциите включват ефекти на задно осветяване, регулируеми DPI настройки на мишката, RGB настройки на светлината и функционални клавиши за лесни преки пътища. Дръжте това ръководство за безопасност под ръка за бъдещи справки.