Лого на ZGCINENPF-01 Многофункционално зарядно устройство
Ръководство за употребаZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - parts


NP-F multi-function charger is equipped with a variety of output interfaces, widely compatible with NPF series batteries.
Its fire retardant shell body and built-in safety integrated circuit is perfect to ensure the battery life and use safety, it can provide extra power for your digital camcorders, camcorders, LED video lights, displays, etc., help you capture wonderful moments when you are out or traveling.


ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - parts

Технически параметър на продукта

[Model НПФ-01 Тип NP-F multi-function …..” \charger
Входна мощност Power422W (PD:12V) Support:PO/QC/AFC agreement The indicator flashes during charging and keeps on after fully charged. Капацитет на батерията 7.4 V Suitable for F970,
F750, F550 battery pack
Изход USB-A 5V-2A
TYE-C Output 5V-2A 9V-2A 12V-2A D-TAP Output 5A MAX
Измерение 92mm * 52mm * 25mm Тегло 70g
Работна температура -20 ° C- + 55 ° C Време за пълно зареждане Bparoseocrittshe charging du
Applicable \1uipment NP-F series battery–)


  1. Compact design makes it easy to carry around;
  2. Various interfaces are fully compatible with different devices, which can supply power to mobile phones, PAD, notebooks, photographic equipment and NP-F battery pack , no need to carry professional chargers;
  3. Можете да наблюдавате капацитета на батерията чрез светлинния индикатор, лесно да хванете състоянието на зареждане;
  4. Output stability: pure copper metal contact, make the output conductive better, more stable;
  5. Support multiple devices to use at the same time, support while charging and discharging function;
  6. Fire retardant PC materials adapt to the complex outdoor charging environment.


Built-in safety integrated circuit, with strong multiple protection function, compatible with the original and brand batteries.
Температурна защита
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 1 thermistor and temperature control processing mechanism are added to ensure the lithium battery works in a safe temperature range.
Overvoltagд защита
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 2 the OVP circuit design makes sure to prevent the over high input voltage, to avoid damage to the back end circuit
Изходна защита срещу обратно движение
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 3 ако инсталацията е грешна, тя автоматично ще прекъсне работата, за да защити зарядното оборудване.
Защита от късо съединение
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 5 add fuse device, trigger automatic protection in case of abnormal short circuit, to avoid the damage of motherboard and battery.
Защита от претоварване на изхода
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 6 интелигентно откриване на изходен ток, когато изходният ток надвиши границата, изходната верига ще се изключи автоматично, за да защити зарядното устройство.
Претоварване на изходаtagд защита 
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 7 интелигентно откриване в реално време на изходно обtagд, когато изходното обtage exceeds the upper limit, it will automatically close the output circuit to p otect the charging device.
Защита от презареждане на батерията
ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - icon 4 add lithium battery protection device, effectively avoid the battery overcharge and over-discharge, prevent damage to the battery.

Съхранение и транспорт

  1. If the charger is not used for a long time, please pack it well in a dry and ventilated place and check per six months.
  2. Charger should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated environment, avoid contact with corrosive substances, also be away from fire and heat sources.
  3. Store temperature: -5°C–+35°°C Relative humidity-<-75%RH
  4. The charger should be packed into cartons for transportation. During transportation, it should prevent violent vibration, impact or extrusion, and prevent sun and rain. It can be transported by vehicles, trains, ships, planes and other means of transportation.

списък Опаковка

ZGCINE NPF-01 Multi Function Charger - parts 1

Поддръжка и следпродажбено обслужване

  1. One year warranty The damage due to failure to operate in accordance with the instructions and precautions will not be covered by the warranty.
  2. Warranty period Warranty period: the warranty period of the product is calculated from the date you purchase the product. The warranty card is the valid warranty certificate.
  3. Ограничение на гаранцията За следните случаи на повреда на продукта, компанията няма да предостави гаранционното обслужване, както е обещано:
    • Products and components do not belong to our company.
    • Out of warranty.
    • Fault caused by the transfer wiring or mobile power which are not provided by our company.
    • Force majeure factors, such as earthquake, fire and other natural disasters or accidents.
    • Aging or damage of components.
    • Product failure caused by self-disassembly, repair or drop.
    • Damage caused by incorrect voltage избор.
    • Damage due to improper using.

Записваща карта за поддръжка
Repaired parts…………………

  • This warranty card wil not be reissued after loss, please keep it properly.
  • Този продукт е преминал строга проверка. В случай на проблем, моля, свържете се с отдела за следпродажбено обслужване на компанията или с дилъра. Забранете саморазглобяването.

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