Лого на ZGCINEZG-BV50 V-Mount батерия
Ръководство за употреба

Външен вид на продукта


  1. Support USB-C PD fast charging, save your time.
  2. Compact design makes it easy to carry.
  3. Various interfaces are fully compatible with different devices, which can supply power to smart phones, PAD, laptop , photographic equipment and other devices, avoid carrying professional adater and chargers.
  4. The interface is equipped with a dust-proof cover to protect the port.
  5. 0LED display, real-time display of battery information.
  6. Pure copper metal contact makes the output more conductive, more stable.
  7. Support multiple devices to use at the same time, support charging while working, large capacity to maintain long working time.
  8. Imported high quality batteries, perfect performance to ensure the safe of the battery pack.

Технически параметри на продукта

Режим! ZG-V50 Капацитет 14.8V 50Wh ”.
вход захранване Power:40W Max (PD:20V) Support: PD/PPS/SCP DC изход 8.4V = 2.5A
USB-C вход 5V=2A 9V-2A 12V=2A 15V=2A 20V-2A D-TAP Input/Output 16.8V-3A 14.8V-8A MAX
USB-C изход 5V-2A 9V-2A 12V-2A 15V-2A 20V-2A BP Input/Output 16.8V-3A 14.8V-8A MAX
Изход USB-A 5V 3A температура -20 ° C—+55 ° C
Размери 109mm * 75mm * 38mm Тегло 325g
V mount battery Video camera/Photography lights battery Максимално време за зареждане (1h3Omin
Compatible equipment. Mobile phones, video cameras, high-power LED lights, monitors, electric  side rails and other digital equipment.

The Charger ISOP11ONAL Recommend:
Anker4SW PD USBCCbarprorAnker6SWPD USB-Charger


  1. Operation Guide Power on: Long press the power buffo screen lights up;
    Power off: Long press the power buttoi 25, and the )LED screen lights off;
    Charging: connect the charger,then the screen show charging symbol and the capacity.
    Protection: Power off when overloaded (recharge activated after removing load) Power off at high temperature (recharge activated after returning to normal temperature). V-lock: It can be fixed more firmly when using batteries.
  2. Smart & Security
    With multiple protection functions to prevent overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, short circuit, overpower and so on.
    With recoverable short circuit protection function, effectively protect the battery and your equipment, prevent accidents.
Защита от надплащане Защита от прегряване Защита от късо съединение overdischarge protection
Защита на захранването Над обtagд защита Над токова защита Restore automatically

 OLED дисплей
Real-time monitoring of battery Information

  1. Please use the product according to the instructions;
  2. Do not disassemble or put into fire or water by yourself to avoid short circuit and leakage;
  3. Do not squeeze&collide to avoid strong impact;
  4. Do not use In severe high temperature, humidity or corrosive environment to avoid damage to the circuit leakage phenomenon;
  5. Please take good care of the children to ensure that they do not use the product as a toy to avoid unnecessary accidents;
  6. The battery belongs to the electrochemical product, the designed service life is about two years, after the expiry of the battery, please timely replace the new battery.

Съхранение и транспорт

  1. If the battery is not used for a long time, please charge the battery to half-full state, place it in a dry and ventilated place, and check per six months.
  2. Batteries should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated environment, avoid contact with corrosive substances, also be away from fire and heat sources.
  3. Store temperature: -St —.35°T Relative hum id ity475%RH
  4. The battery should be packed into boxes for transportation. During transportation, it should prevent violent vibration, impact or extrusion, and prevent sun and rain. It can be transported by vehicles, trains, ships, planes and other means of transportation.

списък Опаковка

Поддръжка и следпродажбено обслужване

  1. One year warranty The damage due to failure to operate in accordance with the instructions and precautions will not be covered by the warranty.
  2. Warranty period Warranty period: the warranty period of the product is calculated from the date you purchase the product The warranty card is the valid warranty certificate.
  3. Ограничение на гаранцията За следните случаи на повреда на продукта, компанията няма да предостави гаранционното обслужване, както е обещано:
  • Products and components do not belong to our company Out of warranty.
  • Fault caused by connecting the transfer wiring with the mobile power supply that is not provided by our company.
  • Форсмажорни фактори, като земетресение, пожар и други природни бедствия или аварии.
  •  Стареене или повреда на компонентите.
  • Повреда на продукта, причинена от саморазглобяване, ремонт или изпускане.
  • Повреда, причинена от неправилно обtage избор.
  • Повреда поради неправилна употреба.

Записваща карта за поддръжка

Дата Ремонтирани части Забележка
  • This warranty card will not be reissued after lost, please keep it properly
  • Този продукт е преминал строга проверка. В случай на проблем, моля, свържете се с отдела за следпродажбено обслужване на компанията или с дилъра. Забранете саморазглобяването.

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Пощенски код: 518000
Електронна поща:info@zgcine.com

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